Why A Philosopher?

You've tried consultants, coaches, trainers, and motivational speakers out the yin yang, and yet, still, something is not quite right. And while all those professions can provide ideas and add value, only a true philosopher can take you and your team to a deeper level, where the ideas, beliefs, and mental models that guide your behaviors, choices, and results are born.

A philosopher guides you in exploring what you and your organization truly want to accomplish, as well as how best to align your practices, policies, procedures, and ultimately your profits, with your deepest principles and values. Through dialogue, interaction, and enquiry, the philosopher takes you on a journey of discovery, purpose, and proficiency so that your intention and attention work in harmony to produce the results you truly desire.

The work can take many forms from intensive retreats to weekly meetings, from team webinars, to one-on-one exploration sessions, from keynote speeches to ongoing values clarification groups. The form and format is always custom tailored to meet individual and organizational needs.

To find out more about renting a philosopher, just email RentAPhilosopher@gmail.com.